Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review: Raised by Wolves

by Brittany Geragotelis

I just finished reading Jennifer Lynn Barnes' latest YA novel, Raised by Wolves and thoroughly enjoyed it. There have been a lot of werewolf books lately (seems we've moved on from vamps to our hairy, four-legged friends) and not many of them bring something new to the table. Raised by Wolves does.

So, what sets this one apart from the rest of the "were" books out there? In this one, the main character is human and was, drumroll please...raised by a wolfpack. I know. The title sort of gives it away, doesn't it? But I promise, the rest is less obvious.

Photo credit: EgmontUSA
Bronwyn Alessia St. Vincent Clare (Bryn when she's not in trouble) lives with a pack of human/werewolf hybrids. After her parents were killed by a rabid (a sort of crazy wolf outlaw) in front of her when she was a little kid, the leader of the pack, Callum, marked her as his own and connected her forever to his group.

Now, Bryn's a teenager, and a defiant one at that. She's notorious for doing exactly what she's told not to do, so when she stumbles upon a teen boy/were caged up in Callum's basement, she doesn't leave it alone like she's asked to. The strange thing is that although she's just met the boy named Chase, they have a connection to each other neither of them can explain.

The punishment for disobeying the pack is harsh and before she has a chance to make amends, her whole life is sent into a tailspin of violence and betrayal. Suddenly she and Chase have teamed up to try and find the thing that links the both of them—the rabid—and destroy him.

The book was well-written and original, and I really liked the fact that the main character was extraordinary while still being human. Jennifer has done another amazing job at creating a world readers will love to escape to (her other books include Golden, Platinum, Tattoo and The Squad series).

Definitely pick up Jennifer's book when it's released on June 8th if you're craving a little supernatural fun.