Saturday, May 22, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started!

by Brittany Geragotelis

Last night, I threw myself a birthday party for my 31st and I'm proud to say it was a raving success. Those who know me, know I'm famous for my Friday the 13th parties. So, since this one was along the same lines, I figured it'd be pretty easy. And compared to some of the past shindigs i've thrown, this one was relatively simple.

I got home from work and then dropped by the store to pick up gluten-free chicken strips, chips and soda. At home, I spent an hour or so cleaning my place, so it was suitable for guests. About 20 minutes until ETA, Matt arrived with gluten-free pizza in hand. In a sea of Pepperoni, veggie and sausage slices, I popped some cupcakes into the oven and let them bake as people began to arrive.

I had about 12 people total at the party and for the first hour or so, everyone just ate and mingled. Most of my guests knew each other, but I had a few new faces in the Pink Palace (my nickname for my apartment on account of the fact that it's two different shades of pink), which brought a new vibe to the mix.
After everyone gorged themselves on pizza, chicken fingers, chips and cupcakes, we turned on the Nintendo Wii game, Just Dance. The game's cool because it requires users to copy the dance moves of the avatar on the screen. It's so much fun...but it's a serious workout! After that, it was on to Karaoke for the Wii. This was fun, too, but the microphone doesn't really magnify your voice like a regular mic. It just registers your pitch and cadence. Both games were hilarious and fun.

Then, came movie time! Being the super-huge scary movie fan, we slipped in the original Halloween. We lost a few guests by this point, but at least a half dozen of us stayed until the end.

In the end, it was a great night!



Anonymous said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!! Sounds like a great night!