Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's ROCK!

by Brittany Geragotelis

It's Mother's Day!

And I don't know about you, but I have a pretty cool mom. Besides the fact that she gave me life (little did she know what she was getting herself into!), she's the one who took me to all of my gymnastics meets, she taught me by example to follow my dreams and showed me the importance of chocolate (seriously....our crisper drawer at home is filled to the brim of candy bars. MMMMMM).

She's made me the woman I am today. Taught me to be independent, self-preserving and strong. And as I get older, I realize I've also inherrited her metabolism and awesome sense of humor.

courtesy of Disney
One of my favorite mom memories though, is when she used to take us to Disneyland as kids. She'd come into our rooms in the middle of the night and wrap each of us girls in our own soft, warm blankets and then bring us out to the car (which she'd warmed up beforehand), belt us into our seats and then drive all night to bring us to Disneyland (all the way from Washington). Then, when we got to Disneyland, my mom would make us line up at the entrance until they cut the ribbon and let us in. She's so much fun to go to Disneyland with....she runs from one ride to the next and gets just as excited for the rides as any kid there. She makes the whole experience even MORE magical than it usually is, and she's really fun to talk to when you're waiting in line for the rides. I think it's because of my mom that I like Disney as much as I do...

So here's to all our moms for making every memory special! And special shout-outs to fabulicious moms, my BFF Colleen and my sis Amy! You guys rock, too!