Friday, May 14, 2010

Money, Money, Money, Money....Money!

by Brittany Geragotelis

On Friday, I was walking home from the subway and found myself behind a woman who was talking loudly on her cell phone and carrying a small shopping bag. It's not like I was meaning to eavesdrop, but like I said, she was talking really loud and it would have taken more energy trying to tune her out then to just listen. So I did.

The girl was talking to a friend (I assume), and explaining why she was late to some dinner. Apparently, the woman who usually took over her shift at whatever job she had, was out of the office, so cell phone girl had to work later than usual. And then there was also the fact that when she was on her way home, she just had to stop in this little shop...and spend $500. She said she knew it was a lot, but heck, her birthday was this Tuesday (same as mine) and so she splurged.
Now I don't know about you (or about this woman really), but my idea of splurging is buying an overpriced cup of Pinkberry with chocolate shavings and strawberries. But it got me thinking about what it might be like to have so much money that burning $500 on a dress (yes, that's what the girl had bought) is nothing but an afternoon splurge.

Here are my top 5 splurges (If I were rich):

1. A weekend trip to Disneyland on a whim.
2. A larger apartment, with a dishwasher, washer and dryer, a walk-in kitchen and at least one bedroom.

3. A pink vespa.

4. A hidden door to go in my larger apartment.

5. A big, fat pink diamond ring.

What would be on your splurge list? Leave your list in the comments below!




AG said...

I'd like a cute little two-bedroom (for myself and a cat) on Charles Street in the Village. I'd hire a neo-Victorian designer to deck it out. And an account with Citarella.