Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disappointed in Men, but happy with "Glee!"

by Brittany Geragotelis

photo credit: The CW/Angel
I don't want to dwell too much on the negative, but I am NOT happy with a certain former vamp right now. What is with this trend of leading men cheating on their wives? Has this always been happening but for some reason the shit's hitting the fan now? David Boreanaz, the broody Angel from (my fave show) "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" & "Angel" has just spilled the beans on his secret affair.

Is it really that hard for people to stay faithful these days? In my opinion, cheating is a conscious decision. No guy just falls into bed with a woman other than his wife by accident. Falling out of love with someone—I don't think that's something you have control over. Sleeping with someone else when you're married (or even dating)? Uh, uh. Sorry. THAT you have control over.

These men just make me disappointed. For some reason, I expected more from them.

But on to better, happier things...Anyone watch "Glee" last night? Once again, a wonderful episode ripe with celeb guest stars. Olivia Newton-John looked amazing and did a good job playing a not-so-humble version of herself (at one point, she mentioned she was in the biggest musical movie of all time and that her records had been HUGE hits). And the remake of "Let's Get Physical"? Well, Olivia and Sue Syllvester (Jane Lynch) were hilarious in matching track suits swimming in a sea of hard-bodies.

And then there was Molly Shannon as a pill-popping alcoholic who recently transferred to the school. You can never go wrong with that woman.

The music was an incredible mash-up of old-school 90s, including "Hammer Time" and "Ice, Ice Baby". Will Schuester is such a cheese-ball that I sometimes cringe when I watch him, but you can't say he doesn't commit to his part. And he brought back some of the dance moves I did growing up, which was fun. When the cast paid homage to M.C. Hammer, I was rolling. And of course, I'm falling more and more in like with the ditzy cheerleader, Brittany (not just because we share a name). She's got such a deadpan comedic delivery of insane lines that I can't help but cheer for her.

My only gripe? Has anyone else noticed that they've been really obvious lately with their show themes? It reminds me a little of "7th Heaven" with their "this is the moral of this episode" stuff. Less than 5 minutes in, I was like, "Okay, this episode is about reputations." I really think the show's audience is smarter than that and don't need to be hand-held through the eps.

All in all, another great night of my favorite glee club! What did you think?